Waimea Heiau

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Waimea Heiau
Job Included
Construction and Finish

Hale O Lono: This project was brought to us by Kahu Helemano and was one of the most satisfying that we have ever done. The need here was to marry Traditional Hawaiian Practices with modern contract obligations in order to satisfy the desires of the corporate entity that owns and operates Waimea Valley. Tracing back to the 1400’s Hale O Lono Heiau is dedicated to the God of Agriculture, Lono. We were able to completely reconstruct the site using 200 volunteers and only the same fastening systems, thatching, etc. that was used in the original construction. Although there are two towers standing over 20 feet tall and the house, there are no nails, screws, or any modern fasteners of any kind. The multiple tiers of rock walls were all constructed using the original rocks that were there and they were supplemented by gathering rocks from areas around the river just had been done centuries ago.


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